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What Is This?

REI DAO is a collaborative real estate investing platform for experienced, trustworthy operators who work together to identity, acquire and manage commercial real estate.

There are two key components:

  1. A collaboration platform that allows operators from all over the US (and eventually the world) to crowdsource opportunities and due diligence for commercial real estate in the $2-20 million range. These assets are tracked on chain, and all financial results are reported on the blockchain as well.
  2. A platform for passive investors to buy and sell fractions of assets owned by REI DAO.

It is NOT an expensive coaching program or mastermind. 

It's not some kind of weird "NFTs in the metaverse" thing. 

It's doing deals. Together. Today.

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Why a DAO?

Until now, purchasing medium sized commercial assets ($2-20 million) required you to be part of a company. This is because there are a lot of different skill sets involved - finding deals, underwriting them, managing them, legal help with syndications, investor relations etc - and it’s extremely difficult, often impossible for one or two people to do it on their own. This meant that you had to recruit and compensate an entire team of people (and note that recruiting itself is a skill of its own) in order to succeed.

A DAO, however, allows many different people with different skills to work together without having to create a company. Instead, they find their niche within the ecosystem and help close deals for which they are direct owners.

Similar to how Uber unbundled the transportation supply chain, REI DAO unbundles the deal process. But instead of getting paid cash on a per-trip basis, members are compensated with real estate equity that is tracked and trade-able on the blockchain. 

Because members are not confined to the deal pipeline of a single company, this allows them to focus 100% on leveraging their most valuable skills across dozens, even hundreds of projects.

Instead of owning several thousand or even tens of thousands of doors, as real estate companies do, REI DAO empowers individual members to own chunks of millions of doors.

Who is behind this?

Ultimately the DAO will be self-sustaining, but in this early stage we are a team of experienced syndicators and entrepreneurs who have come together to build the community and infrastructure.

DJ Scruggs
Tom Bartel
Dean Rizzuto
Jacob Chase-Lubitz
Andres Dovale
Cory Boatright

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